There are only ten races to go in the 2020 Cup Series season and while 16 drivers will enter this battle of wills, only four will emerge at Phoenix International Raceway with a chance at this year's title. With another tantalizing playoff season ahead of us, here are the drivers with the best odds of winning it all.

The NASCAR Cup Series postseason is almost upon us, and while there are a few drivers that aren’t locked in yet, Las Vegas has locked in their picks for who will win it all at Phoenix Raceway. It should come as no surprise that Kevin Harvick is the odds-on favorite to win the championship 2/1. He is followed up by Martin Truex Jr and Denny Hamlin, who have also had great seasons. 

Denny Hamlin is a 3/1 favorite while Martin Truex Jr is a 7/1 favorite. Believe it or not, Chevrolet driver Chase Elliott is listed as 8/1 and Brad Keselowski 9/1. Interestingly enough, Las Vegas natives Kyle and Kurt Busch are listed as 12/1, and 25/1 respectively, which is probably the furthest Kyle Busch has been away from a championship in a very long time. 

Of course, a lot of that has to do with his inability to win or even put up some consistent numbers this season. With that being said, however, and Chase Elliott having the fourth-best odds out of everyone, maybe this will serve as his grand opportunity to make the first final four of his career. 

And what about old seven-time champion and future retiree, Jimmie Johnson, who has failed to win a race in the last two years and is on the verge of irrelevancy?  Johnson is currently listed at 40/1 odds of winning the championship with only William Bryon, Clint Bowyer, Erik Jones, Matt Dibbenditto, Cole Custer, and Austin Dillon behind him. 

In the end, this seems to be the era of the big three, and while one would probably hope for something a little more spectacular, expect only two to three real challengers for the championship. If nothing else, Kevin Harvick, Denny Hamlin, Chase Elliott, and Brad Keselowski seem to be the best choices for the final four this season, which will be interesting to see playout at Phoenix. 


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